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3-D Ultrasounds of Pixel!
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Hi! There is so much I should have been blogging about. The amazingness of Blue Heaven. The lovely long weekend babymoon in Portland. And, perhaps I will, eventually. But for now, I have other news. We went to have a 3-D ultrasound of Pixel done on Saturday and we have *finally* found out what it's sex is...

We're having a boy!

You can see a flickr set of some of the best pictures from the 3-D ultrasound here!

Y'know, I had a dream a few months ago that it was a boy, but I still thought it was going to be a girl. I guess I should've thought about why I didn't like any of the girl bedding sets, but loved the gender-neutral jungle ones (I also hate the sports & transportation themed boys stuff, so maybe I'm just against the really gender-specific stuff, decorating-wise at least). I'm SO glad to know that we're having a boy; saying "it" was driving me crazy!

Now we've got the long slow road of finding a name for our son (oh gods! our son!), not to mention figuring out how to raise a boy (though the more I think about it, I think raising a boy's going to be a little easier than raising a girl). I'm already secretly hoping he'll let me give him ballroom dancing lessons so I'll have someone to dance with in 15 years or so :-), and we've got his Uncle D. on board to at least teach him how to defend himself in a fight (this is my biggest fear with a boy, that boys get picked on physically).

And, yes, I am definitely getting ahead of myself here. We're having a boy! Yay!

Read/Post Comments (12)

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