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Tooth and claw
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If I'm not careful, this could turn into a very whiny journal for the last trimester of this pregnancy. However, the alternative might be not journalling, and I've already convinced you all how good I am at *that*...

Went to the dentist last week. It was just a cleaning, so I wasn't worried. Yeah. I finally realized that while my gums aren't bothering me in my usual, day-to-day routine (other than the urge to floss far more often, thanks to being able to distinctly feel every last bit of food that gets stuck, no matter how miniscule), it's a different story when someone is going at them with sharp, pointy, metal objects. I winced, whined and woahed my way through my cleaning, with the hygenist making sympathetic noises and stopping often so I wouldn't mistake her for the Marquis de Sade. Meh! And, when I said, "At least this is the only prenatal cleaning!" she asked, "Are you breast-feeding? Because your hormone levels will remain high if you do..." Double meh!

Up until now, I've kinda loved being pregnant. Now, it's starting to suck.

No one is giving me their seats on BART. I am annoyed. Everyone looks very guilty, but not directly at me. It's like if they don't see the pregnant woman, she doesn't exist. (And, trust me, I am very visibily pregnant these days.) The only good thing I can say about humanity is that when a seat becomes available, for the most part no one tries to beat me to it.

I've been a little cranky lately.

Sleeping is getting harder. I've had a couple of bad headaches in the middle of the night. One, a migraine, was odd in that it only happened when I slept on my left side that night. As I turned to my right, the throbbing would slowly go away, as I felt the blood rushing away from my poor, abused, left temple. I kept forgetting and rolling back, though (since my sleeping positions are mostly limited to right or left side these days). Today's headache only appears when I'm upright; when I lie down, it goes away. I just took tylenol, and if it's not gone in an hour, I get to go to Labor and Delivery and make sure it's not pre-eclampsia. I'm really hoping it goes away soon, if only because I don't want to miss work. I also don't want to have pre-eclampsia.


I could bitch about our birth class, but perhaps I'll save that for another entry. This one is awfully bitchtastic already.

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