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This week's River photos
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River, week 14 is up at Flickr!

River has a new game. He'll nurse, then pop off and look up at me with big eyes until I look down at him. Then he giggles and dives back down to the nipple again. A few seconds later, he pops off and waits for me again. If I'm already looking at him, he waits for me to say, "Ri-ver, are you playing hide-and-go-boob? Are you?" And then he giggles and dives back down again.

It is his first game. Yes, we have footage of it. Unfortunately, no, it's not YouTubeable. Nipples, you see.

Tim and I tried to go out last night, but... ah, go read his account. Things are so much more heartbreaking when you have kids, including wasting precious babysitter time stumbling blind with hunger down Valencia.

I also had to cancel my personal trainer appt. this week because River has a cold and could not go into day care. I hope he's better by next Monday morning! Poor little dude!

There is more going on, but because of last night's late-night fun (Tim: "Did you smell the breast milk you had to throw out? It smelled just like a White Russian"), I need to dive for bed so I can catch up on sleep.

The foolish expression on my face was me mid-coo at River, trying to get *him* to look up. I was going to say "look cute" but he always does that :-)

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