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A bit o' news
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I don't have a lot of short fiction to submit places these days, what with spending any fiction-writing time on my novel, but I did finally get off my duff and submit some of my flash-fiction pieces around. Most of these are from an "alphabet collab" I did with my husband, Tim Pratt and our friend, Greg van Eekhout, where we divided up the alphabet and wrote short-shorts (or flash fiction or "story bombs" or whatever you want to call them) inspired by the letter.

Anyway, not to bury the lede here, but I sold "Excrement" to Daily Science Fiction! I've never sold anything to them before, but they're a fine publication and I'm very excited to see my piece up there soon. "Excrement" (originally "E is for Excrement" but, y'know, selling it outside the collab makes that not work so well) is one of my favorites from that project, so I'm very pleased to see it get a good home. I'll link it up here once it's published.

Thanks to the economy, my hours at my day job were slashed in half two weeks ago, so I'm scrambling to get more freelance writing work. (If you know of any, please e-mail me!) My cousin, Erika, pointed me to a very exciting project that I probably shouldn't go into detail about, but I'm very excited about it and hope they like my resume. So, y'know, fingers crossed on that front!

Also, I'm looking for some part-time admin type job to help fill out the household income. Again, if you have any leads in the Bay Area on jobs, please e-mail me.

My husband, Tim Pratt, has lots and lots of good writing news. You should check out his latest entry for more details.

That's it writing-wise for now! Ciao!

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