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Susan G.


Chrononautic Log by David Moles.

Ben Rosenbaum's journal

Liza Trombi's journal


Rejection/ Acceptance Log

Locus Links Portal

Sex Toy Buyer

Greta Christina


Rudd Sound Bites

Meditations in an Emergency by Chris Barzak

Notes from Coode Street by Jonathan Strahan.

Hodgkins and Me


YMCA schedule

Fool's Gold

JJA's journal

Theodora Goss

Barth Anderson's Word Blog

Dan Percival

Nalo Hopkinson

ROF Slush site

Ralan's Market List

32 Degrees by Kristen Livdahl

Another Wrecked Website by Michael Jasper

Aposiopesis by Sarah Prineas Bay Area metal band reviews by Todd Meister

Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow (and others)

Charlie Girl's Live Journal by Charles Anders

Charlie's Diary by Charles Stross.

Daphne Gottlieb.

Eccentric Flower by Columbine

Electrolite by Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Escapism by Erin Donahoe

Hey Trey by Trey

hyper machine interfaces by Gabe Chouinard

jen fu dot net by Jen

Journal Walker

Lark 'Till Dawn by Barth Anderson

Lately by Graham Joyce

Leters to Myself by Jon Hansen

Ling the Merciless by Sam Ling

Little Monster by Susan Marie Groppi

Lorem Ipsum by Jed Hartman

Making Light by Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Mary Anne's Ongoing, Erratic Diary by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Memory and Reason by Jenn Reese

Neil Gaiman's journal

Nihilistic Kid by Nick Mamatas
Nick's Nightshade Discussion Board

Official Voice of the American People, The by Greg Van Eekhout

Paint Stains the journal of Janet Chiu

Peshloni Tourist Office by John Sullivan

Ptarmigan by Alan DeNiro

Rachel S. Heslin

The Rambleflower Backroom where I post my naughtier entries.

Reverse Cowgirl Blog

Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling (blog)

Shaken and Stirred by Gwenda Bond

The Shifted Librarian

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel

Squishy Revisited by Pamie (who else?)

Story Words by Jay Lake

Thinking as a Hobby by Derek James

Tomato Nation

Tropism by Tim Pratt

Rob Vagle

Voidmonster Productions by Zak Jarvis

Will Wheaton Dot Net by Will Wheaton (Wesley on Star Trek the Next Generation; was I the only one who had a crush on that character?)

writerly ramblings by Jason Erik Lundberg

Writing with Zest by Tempest


Art Bomb by Warren Ellis


Chi Jen by Jennifer Feinberg and Todd Meister

Dead the gallery of Janet Chiu

Red Meat

Same Difference

Writing Related Sites:

The Black Hole real response times for speculative markets

The Rumor Mill


Lists of Journals by Writers

Web Rats - proud member


Cons I'm going to this year:

Wiscon Feminist Science Fiction Convention

ConJose the 60th World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose

Writing Workshops:


Clarion West



Strange Horizons

Clean Sheets (18 and over only, please)

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet


The Onion

Market Lists:

Paula's List

Ralan's Market List

Mary Anne's Writing Resources Page

Writers I admire (who don't keep journals online, but have webpages of some sort):

Terry Bisson

Michael Chabon

Karen Joy Fowler

Nalo Hopkinson

China Mieville

Tim Powers

The Ratbastards!

Random Other links

Planet Organics - home delivery of organic veggies for the SF Bay Area

Dark Garden - gorgeous custom corsets; hope to buy one for a wedding dress . . . sigh

Harbin Hot Springs - lovely hot springs resort north of Napa.

Spencer Tunick - photographer famous for his outdoor nude group shots.

House of Harlot - fine fetish latex wear . . . want!

Netflix - DVDs through the mail!

Lothlorien - a pagan nature preserve in Southern Indiana that I used to go to and miss greatly.

Piedmont Yoga - where I sometimes take classes

Integral Yoga - where I sometimes also take classes

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