Heather Shaw's Bibliography

Heather Shaw's Bibliography of Published/Accepted Works

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"Little M@tch Girl" in Tumbarumba: A frolic of intrusions edited by Benjamin Rosenbaum and Ethan Ham, December 2008.

"When We Were Twelve" in When We Were Six, a miniature collection/ chapbook by Heather Shaw, May 2007.

"Mountain, Man" in Long Voyages, Great Lies, the sixth annual Rat Bastard's Chapbook, May, 2006.

"Skatebirding" in Nine Muses, November 2005.

"Single White Farmhouse" in Polyphony 5, October 2005.

"Laurel" in Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader, September 2005.

"Sick Days" in The Fortean Bureau, June 2005.

"A Periodic Fable" in Pook's Original Miscellany, December 2004.

"Tea Ceremony" in Scattered, Smothered, Covered, December 2004.

"Blue Chuck Does Thrilltown" (with Tim Pratt) in The Urban Bizarre, January 2004.

"Restoration" in Polyphony 3, November 1, 2003.

"Broken Branches" (a collaboration with Tim Pratt in Intracities edited by Michael J. Jasper, October 2003.

"Famishing" in Strange Horizons, February 10th, 2003.

"Wetting the Bed" in Floodwater, the second holiday chapbook from Tropism Press, December 2002.

"A Serious Case of Fairies" (a collaboration with Tim Pratt) in Floodwater, the second holiday chapbook from Tropism Press, December 2002.

"The Ever After Book Shoppe" (a collaboration with Tim Pratt) in Living Together in Mythic Times, the first chapbook from Tropism Press, December 2001.

"Undercurrent" in Clean Sheets, October 2000.

"Heidi" in Skin Deep, February 2000.

"Medea" in The Blowfish Update (email newsletter), September 1999.


The Twelve Dancing Princesses in The Modern Art Cave, January 2003.

"The Children of the Moon" in Strange Horizons, September 9th, 2002.

"In the Shade of You" in Speculon, October 2001.


Indianapolis Guide at E-Grad.com, October 2001.

San Francisco Guide at E-Grad.com, September 2001.

Under the Daddy Tree: Family Relations in Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber (literary criticism) in Strange Horizons, August 2001.

Beltane (article) in Strange Horizons, April 2001.

Strange Bedfellows: Eugenics, Attraction, and Aversion in the Works of Octavia E. Butler (literary criticism) in Strange Horizons, December 2000.

The Many Masks of Halloween (article) in Strange Horizons, October 2000.

How to Look at Girls (erotic how-to) in Clean Sheets, May 2000.

An Invitation (erotic how-to) in Clean Sheets, January 2000.

Fluffin' the Muffin (erotic how-to) in Clean Sheets, September 1999.

Miss Katherine's Advice on Preserving your Innocence: A Guide for Young Ladies Living in the Modern World (erotic spoof how-to) in Clean Sheets, April 1999.

Butt Love (erotic how-to) in Clean Sheets, February 1999.

How to Suck (erotic how-to) in Clean Sheets, October 1998.


6 questions about being a smut editor for Fishnet interviewed by Nick Mamatas.

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