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It's fiscally unsound, but I want it
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I was reading my email from Progressive.org about their upcoming issue and this part of the email just struck me as funny and ironic --

    Also, if you're getting one of those $400 checks from George Bush, consider
    (if you can afford it) donating part of that to The Progressive. We're
    tax-exempt, and we'll put it to good use exposing the biases of Bush's
    economic policy and and the recklessness of his foreign policy.

Seems to me if you really think Bush's economic policy is biased and you still received one of those checks, wouldn't it make more sense to send it to a totally non-biased place...kind of to even things out a bit?

But then again, is there such a thing as 'non-biased' place in this world?

Or you could just not cash it, so that the money stays in the US Treasury, thereby cancelling out Bush's "biased economic policy."

I won't face the dilemma of what to do with the check, as I didn't make the cut this time. :-(

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