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For a while now, I've been keeping two journals: my LiveJournal, for bits and oddments and random meme-ish things; and my home on JournalScape, what I considered my "real" journal, where I would talk about writing and what was going in on my life.

After recently redesigning my website, and discovering some of the limitations of JournalScape, I've decided to make the LiveJournal now my "real" journal. It's a bit more robust for what I want to do with it, and it allows embedding on my website, which I have done.

I love and appreciate all of you in the JournalScape community (Jenn and Kenny rock), and will still comment on blogs here (along with continuing the Mythologism blog), but my new home will be on LiveJournal. Please visit and continue the conversation.

Head over there right now for a report on this morning's BloggerCon 2005 in Chapel Hill.

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