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You know, I'm an ex-cop. I've been shot at multiple times. I've been the first person on the scene of ten traffic fatalities. I've had a woman die in my arms, her arm ripped off at the shoulder. I was wearing blue in the middle of the L.A. riots.

By experience and nature, I am not generally a nervous or superstitious person.

But were I to be excused of having to write the date again today, I would be a very happy man. If I weren't sitting on the twentieth floor of a office building in downtown Seattle, I'd be happier still. If I didn't live in a country where one senseless act of religious extremism didn't give birth to two senseless acts of national extremism (albeit religious at its core) further giving rationale to anyone with a Kabbalah and a hand-grenade, I'd be fucking exstatic.

God bless America. Now go out and kill, boys, kill the mother-fuckers that killed us. And let's all pray for their safe return. Can someone tell me the difference between us and them other than the name of our god? When the American colonialists were overwhelmed by superior numbers of British invaders, they used terror tactics, yet they are patriots. Did you know that most of the apostles were, at one time, terrorists? Do some research.

We're pissing in each others eye in an attempt to get to heaven.

I'm not defending the terrorists. If you think that, fuck you. I'm simply stating that they aren't the only evil on this planet. Some of it is right under your nose. Or in your church. Or in the White House.

Or in your vengeful, spiteful, heart.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss.

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