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God is my Co-Pilot, or, When Fantasy Tries to Fly an Airplane

And people wonder why I get so angry . . .

Shortly after takeoff on an American Airlines flight, pilot Roger Findesen engaged in the decades old practice of making his pilot's announcement to the passengers on-board. He announced the cruising altitude and time of flight in that practiced West-Virginia poker room drawl common amongst pilots, then proceeded to recommend that all Christian passengers forgo today's in-flight movie and signify their faith by raising their hand. He went on to suggest that instead of wasting time on the movie, the passengers should engage in an interfaith discussion between the christians and the non-believers.

You know, such a thing could cause . . .ahem, "activity" aboard an airplane-- particularly had I been a passenger-- which would have ended in an arrest.

It seems that the pilot had recently been on a religious sabbatical and wanted to share his new feelings of faith.

Yeah, well, find a pulpit asshole.

Why is it that anyone of faith feels perfectly free to deluge others with their beliefs? If you or I walked up to someone and insisted that they listen to us read them fairy-tales, chances of us being arrested or locked up or otherwise chastised would be great. But if someone decides to tell us about Jesus, and how he loves us and died for our sins and other various bullshit, it's not only okay, IT'S PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION!

It's true, folks. You have no choice in the matter. If a Jehova's witness walks onto your property, passing the "No Tresspassing," sign; passing the "No Soliciting," sign, knocks on your door and starts the fairy tales, there isn't a thing you can do about it.

Men and women can kill thier children. They can ignore proper medical advice in the name of their religion. They can do drugs--the same drugs you or I would be arrested for--in the name of their religion. They can kill whales. They can shelter income. They can opt out of certain parts of their taxpayer financed education and try to pass legistlation for us to send them to private schools where fantasy is taught as fact on our dime.

And now, we are forced to listen to our Pilot preach to us while paying for the privledge.

You know, God may be his co-pilot but anger is my bodyguard. Preach to me at your own peril.

You've got a good thing going, you fucking morons. You're destroying the world around you under the biblical direction that all things on this earth were put here for your use, and you're getting away with it. You're forcing your fairy tales into serious scientific debate and killing research that could cure some of our worst diseases, and you're getting away with it. You've been the cause of over ninety percent of all major atrocities commited against your fellow human beings in the course of history, and you're getting away with it. And you're ignoring those facts and telling us how full of love your religion is, and getting away with it.

And, you're pissing me off. Don't count on getting away with THAT for much longer.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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