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Okay, It's Official. I hate Winter.

Well, not really. But I do hate the blechs that seem to ride winter's coattails like goth chicks following Neil Gaiman. I'm fighting off a really nasty sore throat and well, dammit, I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Worst yet, it came right at the end of my mini-vacation last week, so I missed ANOTHER day of work today.

Sorry about not updating too much over the last week, but as I said, I took a well earned vacation and spent some quality time with my lovely wife. Sickness aside, it was time well spent.

On the fiction front, received one rejection today from Abyss & Apex. "This story is very well written, but we just receive too many cop/police stories. Please send us more of your work, though!"

You know, that sure beats the days of "Thank you for your submission but it does not meet our needs at this time." As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last form rejection I've received. That's a step in the right direction.

Thank you all for the nice comments on my new story. It's good to hear back from my readers, particularly where my fiction is concerned. (It's actually an old story, one that had been sitting in my desk drawer for over seven years that I finally put back in the mail. Lesson to be learned there, folks.)

So, hopefully I'll be feeling well enough come morning to get my ass back to work and start updating here again with my usual fluffy entries. :-)

Until then, take care and love each other.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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