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We Be Jammin'

Well, since the beginning of this month, I've written one new flash piece, a new short story that made me giggle my ass off while I was writing it, and have a couple new story ideas in front of me begging to be written.

I've had two stories rejected: A&A passed on "The Last Viewing," and L*S passed on "Ma, Gin and Bug-Eyed Monsters." (In all good conscience, the latter wasn't really right for Lone Star stories and I kinda knew that when I submitted it, but I thought the humour of the piece might overcome it short-comings, but the editor there has too good of an eye . . .)

I just seem to be in a groove lately where I'm beginning to really learn the secret of productivity in this game. You force yourself to write every damned day for a couple of weeks and then you can't friggin' stand it when you have to stay away from the keyboard.

I'm lucky though, and I know it. I have a very understanding wife who has allowed me to put up an "I'm Working!" sign on the office for when I need to go write. She's been a gem about all of this. We are truly sick in love, see, and it's soooooo damned difficult to stay away from each other when I'm home, even if we aren't really doing anything at all. I know she doesn't exactly LOVE the fact that I go into the office at night and write, but she's been terrific about the whole thing. Thank you sweetie. You mean the world to me.

The two rejected stories are back out and well, that's like twelve short-stories and buncha flash out there to markets right now.

Life is good.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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