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I Couldn't Say it Better

Upon occasion I run into something so well written that nothing I can add would do it justice.

Such as the following:

On Tuesday evening, November 25, 2003, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution urging President Bush to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Pope John Paul II. Congressman Bart Stupak, D-Menominee MI, is one of four lead sponsors of the measure, House Concurrent Resolution 313.

Arlene-Marie, Michigan State Director, American Atheists, wrote the following letter to Rep Stupak:

As a Michigan resident and taxpayer, I am appalled that you are one of the sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution 313.
And, I am appalled by your ignorance and arrogance when you stated, "all Americans can applaud the contributions of this holy man".

The thousands upon thousands of nonbelievers in Michigan do not applaud Pope John Paul II. He has chosen to dismiss, insult and ignore us, just as you have.

You state that the Pope has brought hope and inspiration to people around the world. I'm sure he has - to those of blind faith. But, to the informed and abused, the dogmas of the Catholic Church have brought pain and misery to millions upon millions, who committed one of a variety of sins, and were excommunicated and/or rejected by their families.

The Pope rejects 'choice' while, at the same time, rejecting contraceptives. The Pope humiliates and dismisses the homosexual community, without preference of faith, and has consistently degraded women. All women, of all faiths! Yet you state that he has sought to heal divisions between faiths and bring a message of peace.

The Pope has sought to destroy whole communities and a total gender of Americans with his dogmas and traditional theology.

For decades trusting parents, brought their children to the Catholic Church, only to have their children molested by the local priest. And, through these decades, Pope John Paul II protected and harbored these pedophile priests, giving them an opportunity to collect more victims.

Do you still stand by your claim that ALL Americans applaud your bill - your Pope?

Pope John Paul II is the innkeeper of a morally bankrupt institution. He does not deserve an award. He deserves his day in court under RICO charges.

Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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