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The Running of The Bulls-shit

Okay, here we go again:

Can anyone believe that anyone is seriously considering this?

Officials Considering Postponing Elections

At what point in our history, be it war or be it the great depression or be it the middle of an earthquake, have we ever postponed a national election?

But then again, after Bush and his cronies made a mockery out of the 2000 election, is it any wonder that a Bush appointee is discussing the prospect of doing just that? The man wants to know how he goes about getting the power to postpone an election? It's easy; move to a third world power where the party in charge schedules elections on a whim in order to give themselves the best possible chance of winning re-election.

This is not an option. We've tolerated the nonsense of George Bush long enough. He stole the election in 2000, remember? Every scenario of every possible outcome of a recount would have declared Gore the winner.

The administration is just doing what it can to avoid having the Spanish scenario duplicate itself here in this country.

I just read a wonderful sports commentary the other day that reported on Dennis Rodman, the former NBA player, partaking in the running of the bulls in Spain this year. But the pithy sportswriter noted, " . . .but physicians were standing by in case Mr. Rodman were to be gored, so that a tetnus shot could immediately be administered to the bull."

Were it only so easy for a country to be innoculated against the sickness infested upon itself from its own President, what a wonderful world it would be indeed.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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