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Finally Breathing

You know, it's been a rough week. Hell, it's been a rough couple'a months.

As I've journaled here before, I quit smoking around two and a half months ago, and my emotions have been a bit on edge since. That's the tough part, really: the emotional turmoil. My boss, who is a really decent guy, seems to get on my nerves every day. My boss' boss; ditto.

Things that normally wouldn't bother me did, and things that normally bothered me drove me outta my fucking mind.

And I'm not even going to TOUCH on the election this past week. I've done that enough.

But this morning, my Princess and I woke up early. We skipped up the street and had an incredible breakfast at our favorite restaurant--let's just say that crab and artichoke scrambles and wood-fired chicken ommelletes were involved. And, of course, it's in our favorite neighborhood.

Afterwards, we grabbed the bus for a quick ride down to Pike's Place market and did our vegetable shopping, picked up some fresh honey, hit the bakery for a huge, freshly made, pecan-pullapart that would have Dr. Atkins turning over in his grave and one hot, steaming Mocha from the SBC across the street.

And I realized, in spite of the fucked up election, in spite of my fucked up attitude, in spite of the writer's block that's been haunting me since I quit smoking, how lucky do I really have it?

I live in a great city with wonderful people. I have a lovely, wonderful wife and I get to do things on a daily basis that most people have to wait for vacation to do.

It's nice to smile for a change.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss.

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