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Republican Senator Admits to Election Fraud

Well now, that got your attention, didn't it? Too bad he wasn't talking about our election, but the irony is too rich to ignore.

Indiana's Senator Richard Lugar cited troubling evidence, the most obvious being the large discrepency between the exit polls and the end results of the election, certifying the incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych as leading the vote count by a, "slight but insurmountable" margin of votes.

How is it that we can call the vote in the Ukraine a fraud due to the large swings between results and exit polls and then insist that our own election produced just the opposite results; reliable vote counts and erroneous exit polling?

Only in a Republican-led Utopia could such Orwellian double-speak exist and not get heads shaking. I'm simply baffled by the fact that the Republicans believe that a county with over seventy-five percent of the voters being registered Democrats; in which the exit polls clearly showed John Kerry leading by five to ten percent, could end up with a result of seventy-five percent of the vote being awarded to Bush. Yet these same statistics, when applied to an outside party, give clear indication of massive fraud. The European union concurs, stating that heavy reprecussions, up to and including sanctions, could be levied against the Ukraine should the powers that be fail to complete a thorough investigation into the situation.

There's just one thing that keeps my head above water, though. Kerry's concession is not legally binding. Over seventeen thousand lawyers are STILL at work investigating the votes in Ohio and Florida.

John Kerry is being smart. He's working this thing under the radar. Let the Republicans think they've won and let them take their eye off the ball. Kerry's an old prosecuting attorney.

And he's building a case.

There still may be hope for us after all.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss.

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