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The Recount is On

It's official. The state of Ohio will have a recount of the presidential election results. The money has been raised and two third-party candidates, with John Kerry's support (emotional, not financial), have requested the recount and waived the five-day waiting period to have officials present at the recount.

The Republican party did not waive the five-day waiting period.

The way it works is this. Three percent of all the ballots in each county will be counted by hand. If a discrepency shows up in the initial three percent, then all ballots must be counted.

By hand.

George Bush won the state by 118,000 votes, per the machine count. If you'll notice, this is a difference of around 36,000 votes than previously reported. I.E. What they initially told us and what the count was, once a few irregularities were cured, were different numbers. Bush lost 36k votes.

Now, it's time for the hand recount.

Ohio's twenty electoral votes would make the difference in the Presidential election.

Better yet, if significant discrepencies are found in the vote totals between hand and machine counts, it's going to force recounts in all major areas with these machines, a great majority of which counties bucked both the voter rolls and exit polls and 1 in 50,000 odds to give the initial election count to Bush.

It ain't over.

Everyone stay sharp. The republicans are going to pull every dirty trick they can, and didn't already think of, to keep this election rigged.

Fight back.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss.

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