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Of Course! Harassment is the Proper Course of Action

You know, I resisted commenting on the Terry Schiavo case up to this point. I figured that enough people who didn't belong in the middle of this family's business were spouting off and the world didn't need any more.

So much for that.

The last couple of days are just killing me. First off, the medical examiner's autopsy report comes back with hard science vindicating the husband. Good, I think. Now we can lay this to rest and put all the questions aside as to whether she would have recovered over time. So it's all clear now, right?

In typical religious fashion, the family is ignoring the findings of doctors and medical examiners. Bob and Mary Schindler are disputing the results, saying that Terry interacted with them and tried to speak in spite of doctors--remember them? They're the ones who actually KNOW WHAT THE FUCK they're talking about?--stating that her responses were automatic and in no way indicative of thought or consciousness. The family intends to take "unspecified legal action." Yeah, that's not a new course for them, is it?

Now, good ol' Jeb is getting into the act. He couldn't enforce his will over medical science and law, so now he's going after the husband. He's asking the D.A. to reopen the case and find out why the wife collapsed in the first place. Hasn't this man been through enough? He just had to make what was possibly the hardest decision of his life and let his wife die with a monicum of dignity, and now you want to fuck with him some more?

Ah, the Bush family. Compassionate Conservatives all.

When will this scourge on our country end?

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss.

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