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Friends, Presidents, Mochatinis and Milestones

What a fabulous weekend. Friday was my Sunshine and my fifth anniversery, so we decided to celebrate all weekend long.

What the hell?

Started off by taking my Sunshine clothes shopping on Thursday night. It's nice to be able to tell her to not look at the pricetags and just get what she wants. It's so hard to find clothes she likes but we hit the jackpot that evening and she walked away with two new skirts, two new blouses, a wonderful knit sweater and of couse, we had to go shopping for new shoes to match. I think the ladies who work at the stores don't know how to handle me. I'm the one going through the racks, pulling out clothes and handing them to my Sunshine, saying, "This one, and this one, and . . ." If I didn't, she might not even try on anydamnedthing.

Friday friends came over. We all hit the Broadway Grill for dinner, which included Seared Martini Salmon (It's salmon atop bow-tie pasta with a Stoli's cream sauce. Serious good), stuffed shrimp, Langostino with crab, many, many drinks and of course, tahitian vanilla bean creme broulee. Everyone shuffled over to our apartment and we just hung out and drank mochatinis the rest of evening.

Seriously, try these:

1 ounce Starbucks Coffee Liquoure.
1 ounce Vanilla Stoli's Vodka.
.5 ounce Creme de Cacoa

Shake over crushed ice, pour into prepared martini glass (rim the martini glass with an orange slice and edge with Ghiradelli's sweet cocoa) add cherry.

The flavors sort of roll over you in this one: first the coffee hits, then the chocolate, then the vanilla. It's expensive, but worth it.

Last night, my Sunshine and I want to the Capitol Hill block party and stood about fifteen feet away from the stage as The Presidents of the United Stated of America played a concert to about six hundred screaming fans. I hadn't seen them in concert before, but I WILL see them again. It's so cool to watch a band that obviously loves performing. They opened with a cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star," and it just kept getting better from there. It was a little freaky being crowded into such a small area (the stage was set up on the corner of a street intersection and we were all crowded into the intersection itself) but the music was so damned good that it didn't matter.

And, AND, I got some writing done while getting all the links and quite a few new pages done on the website. Once again, it's at .

Too much fun and still another whole day to go.

Oh! One last thing. We got a place in Cleveland. :-) No more worrying about finding someplace once we get there. More on that in a later journal entry. Let's just say it's over twice the size of our current place for a hundred dollars a month less rent. Add this to the fifty percent pay raise the company is giving me and you begin to understand why I'm willing to leave Seattle for Cleveland. It's like Daffy Duck said, "I may be a coward, but I'm a GREEEEEEDY coward."

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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