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NASFIC schedule

Here's my schedule for NASFiC for those of you who'll be in Seattle.

Elliott B Fri 12:00 PM An Introduction to the Clarion Writers' Workshop
What kind of people give up six weeks of their life to attend the Clarion or Clarion West Workshops? At what stage in your writing life? Should you apply? What can and can't Clarion West do for you?
Lori Ann White, Mark Bourne, Joseph P Haines, Catherine Holm

Emerald C Fri 4:00 PM Getting the Most out of a Writers Group
Writing can be a lonely business, but a writer's group can be a great help to some people. An outside pair of eyes can tell when the words on the page don't match the vision in one's head, they can help find the mistakes that would cause an editor to reject the manuscript, and they can offer emotional support for those juggling the demands of the muse with the distractions of employers, family, and friends.
Joseph P Haines (mod), Janna Silverstein, Edd Vick, Virginia A. O'Dine

Flight Fri 9:00 PM Clarion Workshops: Threat or Menace
Clarion and Clarion West have been active for decades. Now there's a Clarion South (Australia) and soon a Clarion in Britain. Is this a good thing? Does Clarion encourage diversity in style or does it turn out Clarion Clones?
Joseph P Haines (mod), Lancer Kind, Amy Sisson, Amy Thomson

Sat 3:30 PM Elliott A Sat 3:30 PM

Joseph P Haines Still not sure what I'm reading though . . . :-)

Emerald D Mon 1:00 PM Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Own Writing
Sometimes the writer is their own worst enemy. You're at the keyboard, but you won't type the words. Come see some of the obstacles writers put in front of themselves, how to identify the causes of a writer's "block", and what to do about it once you discover how you are thwarting yourself.
Alexis Glynn Latner (mod), Jay Lake, Bill Patterson, Joseph P Haines

See you all there!

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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