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Yeah, Today is Good

There's something wonderful about spending all day in the kitchen with a bottle of merlot and a major meal to prepare.

Although the merlot certainly helps ease the burden.

Particularly when you down the great majority of the bottle yourself.

And then have reisling with dinner.

Hmm. Buzzed journal entry. New concept that.

So, with that preamble, my Thanksgiving thanks:

To my wonderful wife, without whom I'd go absolutely insane. Every day with her is another day I can't believe I lived without her.

My beautiful, talented, humble daughter, whom I have been trying to call and email all week long, only to receive an email yesterday that said, "I'm in Puerta Villarta. Call you when I get back." Darling daughter of mine, you're too fucking cool for words. We're gonna go out and get smashed on your twenty-first. Save one hangover for your old man, whaddayasay?

My family, each and every one of you from my glorious sisters (Susan and Kathy and Dee are all prime examples of what it means to be wonderful, gracious and loving) to my aggrevating brothers. You guys piss me off, but I love you as well. So take that.

And not the least, my friends. Amber, Dennis, Ray, Anna, Lon, Samantha, Eric, Cameron, Katrin, . . .ah hell, there's too damned many of you to list, which just goes to show that my life doesn't suck.

As I write this, my brother-in-law, his wife and their five year old son are all cuddled on the couch while my wife sits in the chair next to them watching some bad movie on television. Snow is coming down outside and the blankets are piled on the blankets.

You tell me, could it possibly get any better than that?

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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