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When I Screw Up . . .

I'd don't mess around.

Okay, picture this:

We show up to the airport last Saturday, right? I'm standing there at the counter, anxious to get my vacation to Seattle underway and I'm happily punching buttons on the computerized check-in machine.

And then a message comes up: TOO EARLY TO CHECK IN FOR FLIGHT.

Huh? Our flight leaves in two hours. Whaddayamean it's too early to check in?

So I look at the touchscreen, I look at my ticket, I look at the touchscreen . . .

And the reality sets in. I've purchased tickets for my vacation a week later than I needed them. My flight doesn't leave until the NEXT Saturday.

I look at my tickets; my non-refundable tickets; my these-can't-help-me non-refundable tickets and I almost start to cry. Luckily, we were able to change flights and get to Seattle that same day, but at the cost of an extra $100.00 per ticket. So I'm thinking okay, a hundred bucks a ticket each way. It's a four hundred dollar screw up, but I can handle this. It's bad, but it's not THAT bad.


To come back, it ended up being cheaper to buy brand new one-way tickets to Cleveland from Seattle than it was to change the tickets we had.

So, total for two round-trip tickets from Cleveland to Seattle? Fifteen hundred bucks.

One little mistake.

But you know what? Seeing Amber and Dennis and Ray and Anna and Adrianne and meeting Kate, the sarcastic Russian Atheist Doctor, and seeing Cameron and Katrin and all the other people I love so much?

Completely worth it.

And one other thing came out of the trip that I hadn't expected. All year long since moving to Cleveland I've been talking about how wonderful Seattle is, how much better everything is there, how it's practically OZ without the Wicked Witch of the West to bog things down.

It took Catherine and I about three hours to look around Seattle, sigh, and realize that Seattle just isn't home anymore.

Cleveland is. Yup, that's right: Cleveland.

We love it here. We're going nowhere.

Not even Seattle.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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