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The Plan

So the plan has changed.

I was planning on flying out to Seattle, having shipped our boxes, on September 27th. Due to the circumstances of location and a few other items, I'll now be driving out with the van, taking the boxes with me. I have to take a few more vacation days, but that's okay.

The new moving date is Friday evening, September 21st, less than two weeks from today. 12 days, to be precise.

As such, my schedule has been thrown into disarray, and as I've always been a better writer than a list maker, I'm going to blog through the process of packing and getting ready and then hit a few wi-fi hot spots along the trip to keep everyone up to speed on the journey. I think we're in for a fun trip.

12 days and 2400 miles and I'll be in Seattle.

It's going to cost me about three hundred more dollars to go this route, but when it's over, we'll be in Seattle and still have a car. I think that's worth the 300 bucks, particularly when we have a butt-load (yes, that's a technical term) of new furniture to buy when I get there and the car will come in very, very handy. No truck rentals, etcetera.

So, today I've got all the boxes packed. I'm trimming down to just the clothes I need for the next two weeks so that I can pack the rest. The car needs an oil change, a tire rotation and a transmission maintenance.

I figure if I leave on Friday night I should get into Seattle on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Either way, this is going to be a very, very interesting two weeks.

Keep me in your thoughts.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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