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Extra! Extra!

As many bad things to be said of Lulu.com especially around some assholes message boards -- calling that publisher a vanity press, at least I am not paying out of my ass to get something published with them.
It IS P.O.D. which has been established, and I've seen more people refer to it that way than as a vanity press. However, you ARE publishing for your own vain little reasons, so, if people wish to call it a vanity press, I'm certainly not about to stop them.

Dealing with a certain sellout. I don't see her talking down on other places that I have been published with but I want to see her talk down on the place which published me in print.
You need to learn how to write a complete sentence, Nicki-boy, before you can even think about calling yourself a writer. Also, I didn't know you were published in print. I imagine that most people don't. If you were (which I doubt), it was probably some shit little rag. You know what? I've technically been published in print, and I'm not even a writer. It's not hard, you moron.

I hate to break it to her but Print on demand is the wave of the future.
Only if the future is filled with illiterate muppets like you.

I don't see her book selling that many copies anywhere soon.
And I suppose you've done research on this? Nicki dear, whoever you're talking about is undoubtedly doing better than you are. And again, you know that little thing about glass houses and bricks? Don't throw them. Your book won't sell. You know this, we all know this. Lots of reasons of course. Lack of advertising and a shitty "editor" are only part of it.

Also I want ot make a comment to this asshat (nice try fucker! Send in the fucking nobodies!)
You really are as thick as they come, muppet-boy. See, you don't know who's a somebody and who's a nobody. There are heroes in this world that will never be known worldwide by their names. There are writers in this world that are fabulous, yet have never spent a moment on a best-seller list, even though Danielle Steele's books have collectively spent a lifetime there.

Since the fucker tore apart Library of Bones, I will tear into him here -- being that he doesn't have the balls to publish his work online and I will see it like this, the faggot will never become published.
So, if someone doesn't want to give their work away for free on the Internet, then they're a coward and will never be published? Nicki, get real. I think you've got it backwards there. And why are you choosing to "tear into him" on your Xanga? Oh yeah! Because you won't actually do it on JournalScape or anywhere else where he can comment and defend himself without an account. Who's the coward?

Who thinks he would become published soon.
What? Again, writers should be able to write, don't you think?

Keep talking because you will never be published.
And you're sure of this how? I'd bet on just about any random stranger selling a book (TO A PUBLISHING HOUSE) before you. YOU CAN'T WRITE.

They are missing out on good books that are published with Publish America, Iuniverse, or similar places -- I got a lead to go with Publish America about the anthology I am putting together but I don't have an artist yet for the thing.
Aww. Did your little buddies back out? I guess it's time for you to break out the crayons, huh muppet-boy? And well, I'm pretty sure that the masses aren't missing out on much by not wasting hundreds of dollars to find the oh-so-rare gem in self-published books.

The only thing I really have to pay for with Lulu.com is the expanded ISBN and that is something that will help me get underway when I put out Tabloid Purposes.
Jesus, you make my head hurt.

I changed around one of the stories because I could not get in touch with one of the authors involved.
Is this you admitting to plagurism? heh. I hope so.

Especially when someone talks down on websites like FIctionPress or AuthorsDen.
FictionPress and AuthorsDen are great for hobbyists, but why give stories away for free and claim that you're a pro? Or is it only you that does that?

I will challenge people who said, "If they looked up to me, they won't be publishing with you." I call that a "Fuck your career" kind of post as that person refers to my career as a writer -- they basically said that when referring to me and basically I don't give a shit what that sellout has to say and their heart was never in the genre.
YOU DON'T HAVE A CAREER! You are a hobbyist, and the sooner you realize this, the better. Your only current career option involves street corners, sperm breath, and a sore ass.

They made it clear that they were in it only for the money; and yes I will offend a few people when I say this.
I don't think that being in it solely for the money has anything to do with it. I've talked to a fair share of these people. Do you know what it takes to be a real writer? Of course you don't, because you're not. And why wouldn't someone want to get paid for all-nighters and months upon months of constant writing? It's only fair, and has nothing to do with being "in it for the money". Most people (not you because you live off your family and the system) have bills to pay. So, these TALENTED (something you'll never even taste, let alone be) authors should do all of that and then publish with someone like lulu.com where they won't get what they're worth? Or, they should post it to the Internet where anyone and everyone can read it for free? You sound like a clueless hippy (and no offense is meant to hippies, because at least they stand by what they believe). And, if the apocolypse were to ever come, and someone wanted to pay you thousands of dollars (if not more) for a book that you wrote, you'd take it without a second thought, and you know it. You're only taking the stance that you are because you're not talented enough to write something that's good enough to sell.

I will say it like this, "It's time to challenge their elitist atttitudes." The little pricks that forget where they come from because they "Made IT." When I started this anthology project it started out as a promise in 1997, to publish writers who are also trying to get their name out there no matter the cost.
Again, I've talked to a fair share of these people. They've all been very kind, and not "elitist" in the slightest. They're professional, yes, but not assholes about it. Wow. They're real people. Imagine that. And not a single writer that I've spoken to seems to have forgotten where they came from. You keep up with your little venture, Nicki, and we'll see who has more of their books professionally published at the end of it. It has nothing to do with being elite, just professional, which they have every right to be.

The ones who told me to avoid Lulu.com (in fact they changed since I joined up) --- they cannot be all bad if CyberPulp Press works with them or established writers who are proud to be self published. I think it is time for a new organization to be started and that is for writers who self publish and need all the support they can get. I am sick of these elitist writers who take and treat writers who are even more talented than they are then trash them because they are published differently than the rest of them out there.
You're more talented than they are? haha! Jesus, you're STUPID. Granted, I've not read everything that's been put out by the authors that you so often try to compare yourself with, but what I've read has told me that they have more talent than you have in your wettest and wildest dreams, boy. The first indication of this? They know how to put together sentences that make sense.

For those who continue to talk down on writers who put out the work themselves; I hate to break it to them I've seen some of the most talented self published authors out there now, and reading one of their books (well ebook format.) I noticed how there are some already badmouthing this project from the start but they will realize who they are badmouthing the moment this thing goes to print. I am publishing the writers who've been published on Iuniverse, Xibiris, and Publish America (which the lead I got said I should put this anthology out with. Seriously giving it some thought with the next anthology.)
Oh God, you're going to play editor AGAIN?
My brain! My brain!

Also, as an aside, Pigman, could you please not post your picture everywhere? Not only are you giving a bad name to goths the world round (because you're NOT one. You're just a loser in a hoody), but you're also giving a bad name to men in general. Hell, you're giving the human race a bad name. I certainly hope that when other beings decide to make contact with us that they don't find someone like you through Google. They'll blow us away and know in their hearts that they're doing us a favor.

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