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From Cussedness' journal, where she's taken on the extraordinarily brave job of reviewing Nicki's book:

6 Nickolaus Pacione (mail)
10:53 pm, Sep 26, 2004 EDT

Do you hate me enough to ruin sales of the book? Hate to break it to you -- your plan to try isn't going to work. Next month I am going to get it listed on Ingram's, and if you don't like that idea go back to reading your gay rights shit because they don't deserve special rights. No matter how many bad reviews you are going to give; you won't break the spirit of this book.

For starters, I'm still astonished that you believe you'll sell ANY books, outside of the ones you purchase yourself, and that your friends, family, and the friends and family of your "anthology mates" purchase. You'll be VERY lucky to break a hundred. Very.

Also, getting your book listed with Ingram's doesn't make it good. I've bought horrible books from even the biggest retailers. Granted, none as bad as yours, but still...horrible.

go back to reading your gay rights shit because they don't deserve special rights.

I'm with Serryah, who said, "You know, Nick. For once, you're actually right. Gay's DON'T deserve "special" rights.

But they do deserve EQUAL rights, because they are just as human as you (questionable, I know) are."

Still, you're sick. You're a sick, disgusting bigot. You should really, really learn to watch your mouth. There are those in this world that believe that people with mental disabilities don't deserve special rights, either. In fact, there's an entire group of people who follow the utilitarian bioethics way of thought/life. If they had their way, you would've been wasted as a child, because you're "defective".

And, some years ago, there were people who believed that anyone who wasn't white didn't deserve rights, special or otherwise. They were wrong, of course, and so are you.

And really, bitchboy, why does it bother you so bad? How gay people live their lives has no, NO, bearing on you, since you're all "straight as an arrow" or whatever you're claiming this week. What if somebody looked at you one day and decided that you didn't deserve any rights either? Even your most basic rights? What if you were denied the right to marry because you're of Italian descent? Or because you're...challenged?

My point is, who the fuck are you to judge?

Come on, bitchboy...have some balls and answer.

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