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Todays theme is redundancy!

The hardest thing about doing a book self-published either as a sole writer or an anthology is getting the formatting to how it doesn't look like the text is stretched out toward the end. This is a hard thing to pull off.

Redundant much? Besides, I would think that the hardest thing to pull off as a self-published writer would be book sales.

Kimberly told me she had some trouble with the formatting of her book as well -- it seems like that with writers who work with lulu.com.

Maybe that's because, you know, they're not a real publishing company. So, why would they care?

I have no real complaints with lulu but they need to work closer with the formatting of the book.

Yay! Now it's my turn to be redundant. Not a real publisher, blah, blah, blah.

I also figured out how to do some formatting on Atlantis Ocean Mind which helped a lot when doing a formatting job on a book.

Can you say formatting again? Please? I like the repetition.

One thing I wish Lulu allows is custom fonts.

Wait. Now, I'm not a writer (as we all know), but isn't that sentence horribly wrong? I mean, it feels wrong reading it in my head, and even worse out loud.

I am now just figuring out how to really play around with the formats so I can publish the anthology with CafePress the moment I turn it into a PDF file. I learned about this problem from Booksurge when it came to doing that. I am asking the publisher of Reality Check of how to get the formatting to where it will look polished. I am trying to figure out how to make it fit a trade paperback size. Namely the size of what Collectives of a Foresaken Landscape will be when booksurge gets done with it.

Gah. That's all I'm gonna say. And I'm gonna to be all redundant and say it again. Gah.

I noticed something with professional writers -- they say avoid publishers that size a book to 6X9 -- unless they pay the writer to do it but that is their hypocrisy working on their minds. I can say this much -- the anthology is the size of the epic novels being published out there. It is big enough to keep readers occupied for months.

Yes. It will keep them occupied for months because it's so hard to get through. You, and most of the "writers" in your little booky book are morons. Can't write. Everything you've ever written, Nicki darling, has shaved points off of my IQ. Epic, my ass.

I need to fix the anthology some to get rid of the extra blank pages.

No. You need to fix the anthology and get rid of all the typed on pages. I might even buy it if it was completely blank.

But with that being said I saw a little bit of verbal abuse going around -- established authors verbally abusing some of the writers involved with the project; saying if they had any respect for themselves they would not of published with me.

Well, it's true, isn't it? Besides, that's not verbal abuse. It's good advice.

I felt the sting of that one but they will be shitting the moment the other three anthologies are going to be out there.

They'll be shitting? Are the bathroom habits of the masses really any concern of yours, and do they really have anything to do with your little projects?

2005 I will be working three anthologies.

Oh God, NO!

If I did the true story anthology in 2003 -- but that fell through.

Can someone translate, please? (kidding. I do get it. But that's just horrible. HORRIBLE!)

I still want to do that kind of anthology -- that is what the Class of 1994 anthology will be in part.

True stories? Like that time when you masturbated too much in the bathroom at that convention and had to be wheeled out on a stretcher?

My short story collection and the anthology I have out there have that kinship of having a few true stories in there -- Tabloid Purposes has one true story; Collectives has three on one version, two on another. This should answer the question why I have so many versions of the anthology -- I was playing around with the formatting and got the proof back on the one, the formatting was a bit off and trying to fix the formats on it. I wasn't quite sure how to do the formatting on the anthology so it would be a bit taxing. So it took a bit of effort to fix the formats on the project. One thing I am going to say to future contributors is this -- watch your hard returns when doing a formatting.

Wait. So you can do all of that horribly taxing work, yet you can't get a job? Jackass. Die already. Please. Oh! By the way, I hope you took my comment seriously about contacting your doctor. I will do it, you know. A bit off subject, but I thought I should remind you.

And...another entry!!

8:54 am This is where the submission guidelines are posted for the Class of 1994 anthology I will be doing the tite of the anthology in roman numerals.

The tite? Cool. What's a tite? Can I have one? And can you even figure roman numerals out? My guess is that it's a bit beyond your reach.

It is a contest anthology like Reality Check was.

hehe...Nicki's judging a contest. Hilarious. And what are you going to judge it on? Tell me, tell me! Because you obviously won't be judging on talent.

I want to try to get two publishers involved with the project -- Volume II will be the one that I am trying to get out there with another publisher but Volume I, I will be putting out myself with Lulu.com.

You mean that you're going to go through two self-publishing places with this one? Like the others? Gee, you're cool.

The anthology I am making a concious effort to pay authors will be the Horror In The Numb anthology -- the theme would be a disabled one.

So, you're only making an effort to pay for one of your books? That's just...sad and wrong. If you're going to humiliate people by putting them in print with you, you should at least attempt to compensate them so they can later change their names.

I am looking for horror written by abled and disabled authors -- the characters having the horror of what happened to them or what triggered them to become disabled would be a good one to play with. The ones who are wheelchair confined later in life are the ones who always have a good horror story to come out of what happened.

Does this bother anyone else? I'm not disabled, but I have a disabled person in my life, very close to me. Confinement to a wheelchair doesn't always lead to a wonderful horror story, Nick. Sometimes, it's sad. Sometimes, it just is. Do you know anything about life? Wait. No. You don't.

The disabled anthology is one that will be the most challenging as well as putting together the Class of 1994 anthology.

So, which one will be the most challenging? Once again, your choice of words has left me confused.

The reason the Class of 1994 anthology is going to be a challenge because I am looking for authors who don't just write horror -- true there will be horror authors in the thing but I want authors who write a wide array of fiction and nonfiction for this project.

Yes, Nick, because I'm sure it's harder to find writers when not specifying just one genre. 'Cause, you know, it wouldn't open it up for tons more people.

This anthology project will in some ways be similar to my last project, but at the same time quite different for various reasons. It won't be as much a middle finger as the last one was but Tabloid Purposes Volume II will be. True I got young supporters but I got a lot of older supporters as well and they egg me on to do these anthologies -- I am going to be an anthology merchant.

They egg you on? hehe...your lovely way of phrasing things makes me think that they just encourage you so they'll later have something to laugh about.

As one out there will call me the fucking anti-christ because I am proud of this anthology, fuck that little snob for talking down on this project.

You're not powerful enough to be the anti-Christ, dearie. You're just a stupid little boy. Who lives in a basement.

Who likes jacking off to Rush Limbaugh.

While snuggling your dog.

I know that I am infamous as well as respected, but the respect came from those who publish their work themselves.

Come on. You're stupid and no one likes you. Be honest now.

Saying that I am not a hero -- tell that to my best friend because he will tell you different.

Point me at him, and I'll tell him. No problem, sugar.

Unlike some of you out there I did save a life of someone.

And who's to say that some of us haven't? You don't know that. Well, truthfully, you don't know much of anything, but I think I've covered that already. YAY for redundancy. Also, Nick, I'd like to point out that life-saving and being a hero are not always mutual. I know heroes who haven't saved lives, and I know people who have saved the lives of others who are far from heroic.

Do I see myself as a bit of an anti-hero -- yes because I will take pride in self-publishing; this anthology for me was one for me saying I wanted an anthology that I will actually read. It came out of the momentum of another.

It's crap. Crap that came out of crap. Congrats on your crappiness.

There is a discrimination for writers who publish their work themselves, THAT ENDS NOW!

NO IT DOESN'T! hehe I can use caps, too. Do I look intimidating now? Huh? Huh? Will you take me seriously now?

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