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Okay, I don't know if I can edit entries on here, and really, I'm tired, and too lazy to check. But! There's this nifty little section on Nicki-poo's MySpace page where he talks about what he'd like in a woman. I thought I'd share, because it's OH-SO-CUTE!

"A special note for the ladies out there who love the opposite sex as much as I do -- what do I see in a wife. Someone who is understanding of a person who lives with a mental illness and knows the things that goes with that illness. I am a rarity in the gothic subculture. Don't let my dark mind scare you away, I am honestly the kind of guy you could bring home to meet the parents if they don't mind a guy who wears a lot of black clothing and listens to heavy metal. It is a plus if the parents also listen to Black Sabbath. I want a woman who is quick on her feet as well as wit; if she is dark humored that is a plus. It would be cool if they are also an artist, but also has a conservative mindset too -- though able to show a little bit of a wild side."

K, I'm gonna go laugh myself to sleep now.

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