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Information obsession
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Marc never went through the "why? why? why?" phase. We've been getting different and sometimes interesting questions recently. He seems now obsessed with learning with where things are. For instance, yesterday we went to Disneyland. While we were getting ready, he asks "Where's Disneyland?" By now, I know the kind of answer he's looking for, so the conversation goes like this:

me: "Disneyland is in Anaheim."
Marc: "Where's Anaheim?"
me: "Anaheim is south of here."
Marc: "Where's south?"
me: "It's that way."

Anywhere we are going or have been, he wants to know where it is (city name, if out of state then state name, what direction it is - north, south, east, west) and where that is relative to us. If we're in the car, he wants to know if we're going right, left, or straight, if we're going on the freeway, if we're going in a tunnel, etc. When sitting at the corner of our street in the car, there are three "paths". To the right is "Nana and Tata's path" (that's the way we go to their house) and sometimes "Disneyland's path" because to the right is the freeway entrance. Straight is "school's path" and left is "the Target path." (Don't ask me why he likes Target so much. LOL I have no idea)

His other information obsession is with naming things. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a marine biologist. So, I had a lot of books of marine life that were more like encyclopedias than picture books. When we were at my parents' house Marc found some of them and just had to have them. Now, he'll sit with me and turn the pages one by one and ask me what it is. He can actually name many of them himself (anemone, lampery, hagfish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, clam, moray eel, etc). But he always wants the real name for them. He's not happy with just "that's a whale." He wants to hear "that's a humpback whale and it eats plankton" or "that's an orca and it eats fish and seals."

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