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Developing vocabulary (and overly independent)
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Alex's vocabulary and ability to build sentences has really increased recently. This morning, I was getting the kids ready for school and went into the fridge to get something. Alex followed me and weaseled his way into the fridge to grab a yogurt (the drinkable kind). I sat him in his booster chair and handed it to him while I made his bottle to take to school. I told him to shake it first, which he did. I didn't even offer to open it for him because he'd freak out. The little beast likes to chew through the aluminum lid to get to it. lol Once he had it open, I asked if he'd like a straw. He said "no", but I wanted him to use a straw because it would be less messy, so I went to get it for him. Silly me, I took the yogurt out of his hands to put the straw through the hole he'd chewed. He gets upset because now he thinks I'm trying to help him eat. He has to do *everything* himself. *sigh* So now that I've touched it, he doesn't want it anymore. I ask if he wants to hold it (because he always does) and he says "No!" so I put it on the table and tell him it's time to get out of his seat because he's done eating. Then I hear "I wan' yuck!" (he says "yuck" instead of "yogurt" lol). Not even just "wan' yuck!" but a real sentence! Now if I can just teach him some manners and patience. ;)

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