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This morning as I was leaving the day care, Marc's preschool teacher let him out the door to say good bye to me at the fence (our morning routine). Before I left, she stopped me to tell me that yesterday she'd gone over his letters and numbers with him and he knows all his letters, upper case and lower case, recognizes numbers up to 12, and can count to 31. She told me, and I quote (the emphasis was hers), "He's so smart, I can see him skipping a grade, easy." :) Not that I want him to skip a grade, but it's nice to know he's excelling.

He has such an appetite for knowledge. Last night as I was making dinner, he came into the kitchen. "Mommy, do fish have lights?" So I explained that some fish that live so deep in the ocean that there's no light have lights that they use to catch other fish to eat, like in Finding Nemo. "Mommy, do fish have eyes?" So I told him yes, except some fish that live so deep in the ocean where there's no light don't because they don't need them. "Mommy, do rays have mouths?" Yes, but they're on the bottom of their bodies. And on and on on the same theme until dinner was ready. In his huge book of ocean life, he actually remembers the names of the fish he asks about, even more than I do. He told me one fish was a Lizardfish and it was! I must have read the name to him awhile ago and he still remembers.

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