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Bite-you fish
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One of the (many, many, too many) gifts the kids got for Christmas was a "video aquarium" dvd. It's basically ocean life with soothing music playing in the background. At one point, it shows a moray eel. According to Alex, the true name for a moray eel is a "bite you fish". LOL Of course, Marc knows all the names for just about every fish and animal on the dvd. He can point out parrot fish, moray eels, manatees, angel fish, barracudas, groupers, and the list goes on.

My dad (whose hobby is flying gliders and is learning to be a pilot) is enjoying sharing his love of planes with Marc, too. Marc told him his favorite plane is the Hornet. (Can you tell that Marcelo has him focused on military planes?) One of his gifts from my dad was a pack of die cast WWII planes. We pulled them all out yesterday and he asked me the names of all of the planes (there are 8 of them and luckily the name is printed on the bottom!). I told him what they were and already he knows them. He just offered Alex the Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress to play with. lol Bad idea! Everything Alex takes a liking to is "No! My plane!" or "No! My book!" But currently Alex isn't interested because he's pushing a little train around the floor saying "All aboard choo-choo!"

What a pair of cuties!

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