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Star Wars musings
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Our kids are really into Star Wars these days. (Especially Marc.) I think Marc has seen all of the movies, though he may not have seen Revenge of the Sith yet. He's far too fond of Anakin Skywalker to really believe that he becomes Darth Vader. We've explained it, and the whole "Anakin and Padme are Luke and Leia's mommy and daddy" thing, but when he tries to tell me about the characters we end up with something totally convoluted. Like an "I'm my own grandpa" kind of thing. LOL

But for this generation of kids there's a new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie in theaters and tv series on Comedy Central. I'm actually finding myself enjoying it a lot. Anakin hasn't yet turned bad and the Clone Troopers have individual personalities and are still good guys. It's really a whole new story to learn more about their characters. And Anakin has a Padawan. The time line of the show is things that happen during the time line of the movies, in the gaps between and things going on off screen during parts 2 and 3. It also introduces a lot of other Jedi Masters who only maybe have walk on roles in the movies.

It kind of makes me wish that I didn't know that Anakin becomes Darth Vader and the Clone Troopers become the Storm Troopers and that most of the Jedis will die!

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