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We had such nice success with container gardening last year (and it was a great source of getting fresh veggies into my kids' diet) that I decided to do it again this year.

I learned from last year. This year, I got pots that can just be planted in the ground. That way, I don't have to disrupt the plants by repotting them. The roots will grow right through the pot into the surrounding soil. Also, this year, as soon as the seedlings are big enough (I start from seeds), I'm planting them in the ground instead of in larger pots. The containers did okay last year, but I noticed that the produce didn't taste quite as good, so it might be a lack of nutrients from limited soil.

Also, I expanded my list of plants and dropped tomatoes. This time, I'm growing watermelons, canteloupes, pumpkins, green beans, bell peppers, and carrots. There were too many tomatoes that didn't get eaten last year that I decided not to do them again this year. But they're stubborn! LOL This morning, when I went out to pull weeds, there are 2 or 3 tomato seedlings. I guess I'll leave them. :)

Besides having fresh veggies, the real benefit to me is stress relief. I've never had much of a green thumb, but when work is stressful, a 5 or 10 minute to go out in the sun and water the garden makes me feel so much better. And eating lunch outside among the things I've grown or picking part of my lunch from my own garden feels like a big accomplishment.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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