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Web promotion for authors

Here are some numbers for those who think web promotion is key to a mystery writer's success.

In the last three days, without any effort on my part, my Ikea letter has been picked up by several major humor portals (see previous entry). I added a link to this blog on the first day the hits started increasing, and a link to THE NIGHT MEN at Amazon on the second.

Total hits to the Ikea letter since the boom started on Thursday: About 6,000

Total hits to the Ikea letter since I added the Amazon link: About 3,000

Number of clickthroughs to Amazon via that link: 35

Amazon ranking of THE NIGHT MEN: Has not changed, meaning not a single book has been sold--though I don't know whether they count used copies in the ranking

Web self-promotion has other things to recommend it, but if you're doing it to move books to new readers now, I think it's a fun, ego-gratifying waste of time.

The final figures are available here.

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