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Free short fiction


Sell in Hell - the screenplay

The City That Won't Die

The Talking Villain

Selawik Stories

About raising twins
In chronological order

Yes, they're here!

Well, okay. Maybe one picture.

Daddy's Best Friend...


Sudden Silence

Julia Roberts Had Help
(breastfeeding rant)

Cat Cascade

Formulaic Writing

The Mythical Monkeybatbear

Two Babies and their Songs

Haiku for a Boy in Yellow

Tips for Fathers of Twins

Memo to Ladies of Queens Boulevard

Day Out


Sleep Changes Everything

At Home with the Snyders

Doggerel for a Tiger boy

Goin' on a Lion Hunt!

Dept. of Gratuitous Baby Pictures

Kid Karriage Koncerns

A few hours in New York

About whatever


One Bourbon, One Scotch, and Zero Crossings

It's Great To Be Creative

Ni Pour Ni Contre

Biking Brossard

Bah! Brossard

Icebiking in Forest Hills

Be it ever so Humboldt

How compressors work

Queens and Brooklyn Pix


At Starbucks, Queens, NY, September 12, 2001

On Ages

An Interesting Four Months

A Terrible Macchiato

A First Tea Order

About writing

10 Things You Should Worry About

**PublishAmerica and**
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Between You, Me, and the Bookshelf

Writing in Drafts


Writers' Groups

What Is and Isn't Story

On Teaching Writing

When Stupid Writers Write Smart Characters