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Trip to MD: Where am I?

Last night my friend John (his website is still under construction) stood on the stage at the Comedy Store for the first time. He started doing stand up comedy about 2 months ago. Jenn and I have been to many of his shows, and he's been the best comic there everytime. So, you can understand how excited we were to hear that he had passed the owner's tests and was getting 10 minutes at the Comedy Store. However, last night Jenn and I were on a plane to Maryland for a two week vacation. It was just unforunate timing that we flew out at the same time he was on stage. *sigh* Ah well, I suspect John is going to be doing stand up for a while, and in even bigger places than the Comedy Store.

Wait.. what was that he said? On a plane to Maryland? Yep, I'm sitting at Jenn's Mom's computer, looking out a window into the forest next to her house in Maryland. It's a really beautiful place. There are many things tentatively planned, but right now we are just trying to recover from the flight. Quick summary: Cramped, uncomfortable, long.

I did managed to read a great deal in my Java 2D Graphics book. Jenn came up with the great idea of having a utility on JournalScape that will create a title graphic for you. I already know how to draw text on a colored background, but I was learning about how to antialias and save as JPGs, etc. Very cool stuff,

I have to say the Java 2 2D Graphics API is _very_ cool. I took a graphics class at USC and it was sort of funny to see a section in the book for each of the projects we did in that class (like Transorms: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, and Shearing).

ugh.. it's 4pm. Jet Lag is harsh, but Jet Lag accompanied with not sleeping all night is worse.

Alright, enough of that. I'm still tired, but so far things have been awesome and we have a wonderful 2 weeks ahead of us. Wish me luck!

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