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Trip to MD: Rick and Audrey's Wedding

After finishing the last 2 chapters of Harry Potter: The Sorceror's Stone (yay! great book), we went to Rick and Audrey's wedding, which was a beautiful ceremony. It wasn't all that traditional, which I thought made it very endearing. I've only known them about a week now, but watching their ceremony I felt it expressed their personalities perfectly.

There were three songs performed during the ceremony, one by a friend, one by Rick's Father (I believe) and one by Rick and Audrey. I especially loved the one by Rick and Audrey because of the story that came with it....

About a year ago, Rick and Audrey were getting ready to celebrate a dating anniversary. Audrey told Rick that she was going to personally make her present to him, so he felt it would be good to do the same for her. So, he began writing her a song, one which he was a little tense about delivering. That was due to it's far reaching nature, because the song talked about the joy of being able to spend the future with each other. He wasn't sure if he was being to presumptuous, but he delivered the song anyway, and to his surprise the present Audrey made for him was a ring. That was when she asked him to marry her.

After the actual ceremony, the reception boasted an open mic, where the attendees could perform. I was amazed at how many of their friends and family could play instruments and sing so well.

The absolute height of the open mic, for me, was Jenn. She stood in front of 75 or so people and sang, a capella, a song that she wrote. I am so overwhelmingly proud of her! She did just a beautiful job, it was absolutely incredible. I'd gush more about the performance, but I want to let Jenn give the main story. Jenn, I'm so proud of you! :)

After the reception, Jenn and I had dinner with John and Elisa (married last week) at a nice Mexican restaurant. They've been very nice to us, inviting us over all the time.

After dinner, we went to Rick and Audrey's who were having a little party at their place. It turned out to be far from little as their was barely anywhere to sit! :) I got to hear Audrey, Rick, Laurie, and Cletus play guitar and sing. So many talented people! It's amazing, it even makes me want to learn how to play guitar! :)

From here out, vacation is mostly coasting until our flight early Wednesday morning. It has been an amazing trip though, and I can see why Jenn is so fond of her friends in Maryland. I met some truely good people, that in the short time I've known, I already feel as if they've made an impact on me. Thank you.

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