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Long Weekend

Friday night boasted a black tie wedding in Riverside. My friends John and Erin got married, congrats! Jenn and I had a blast, dancing and talking with people. The only downer of the night was that I think I got a bad piece of fish at dinner, because I was up all night dealing with it...

Saturday, Jenn had her belt test. They don't let visitors watch from inside the dojo, so I have to look in through the windows. I still got to see most of the test, and I was and still am very proud of her. Way to go, Jenn! :)

After the belt test, John and Elisa came by for one last visit before they hopped on their flight back home. We talked about their trip to Catalina (a small island off the coast of California) and about martial arts. They expressed an interest in learning something, so we encouraged them to try to find a school in their area.

After they ran off into the hell that is LAX, Ken and Shelley showed up for gaming. :) Shelley was all bubbly and excited and it dawned on me this was the first time we had seen them since Jenn and I got engaged. :) They even brought us a new game to celebrate! It's called Dragon Delta and it's a really simple and very cool game. :) We played games all night and I even won a game! :) You might note that Jenn mentions that "everyone won a game." It's true, that's a much nicer way of saying that I won a game, but I don't think that emphasizes the rarity with which I win! So... I even won a game! :) woo!

Sunday encompassed some wedding site searching and some martial arts movies. I also picked up my car from the mechanic and determined that it is now making an even worse sound than it was when I dropped it off... so I'm not pleased about that.

However, overall, I'm very very happy. Jenn and I are having so much fun talking about the wedding and just being together. :)

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