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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Happy and Sad
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Jenn in the Sky with Diamonds

Jenn flew to Dallas early this morning, and I was really worried about the whole thing. She made it ok! yay!

I had quite a few plans for today, but haven't really been able to get any of them done. I was planning on doing a bunch of work on the Hwa Rang Do website. In exchange, one of my instructors offered private lessons. I tried to work on the computer at the dojang, but I don't know how to use Dreamweaver, so I couldn't really make any headway. Then, it turns out the annual Black Belt tests were today, so when that began I had to leave. *sigh*

I've been trying to make some buttons in photoshop and have been thoroughly unsuccessful. :/ So, I haven't gotten anything done on the site, and I didn't get my private lesson.

However, on the upswing, I found out from Instr. Cauflin (the Instr. who I was going to do the private lessons with) that Do Joo Nim is actually going to be giving me the private lessons. Woo! Do Joo Nim is the creator of Hwa Rang Do (in addition to an 8th degree black belt in Hapkido and a high black belt in Aikido), so he's an incredible martial artist. It's a little intimidating, but it's an incredible oppurtunity!

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