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Low Sexual Power? hmmm

Do Joo Nim ran my HRD class last night (he's the creator of the martial art), and it's always an adventure when he's in the driver's seat.

He's like this strange mix of old school brutal training methods (like where they grab your legs and pull to help you stretch) and modern easy going training methods... and sometimes he says the funniest things, so you never know what to expect. Last night, he raised the bar.

At the end of class, he has us laying on our backs doing leg lifts. Normally, we have our heads against the ground and our arms out at 45 degree angles giving us a good foundation. Then we lift our legs up repeatedly. It's like doing really hard situps. Well, DJN has us doing these with our heads off the mat and holding our belt, so we have no foundation at all. After about 30 of these, I just can't keep my legs up any longer. I drop them and lift them repeatedly, trying to keep up. I'm not the only one, about half the class is at this point, and DJN starts the lecturing...

"Frank! Are you married?!" .. "No, sir!" .. "You young man! Why you have no power?! You need stomach power!"

"Kenny! Your fiance is not be happy! You have no stomach power, you have no sexual power! You must be power!"


At this point, the class lost it, all the legs hit the floor and everyone started laughing. :)

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