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Excited then Sad then Excited
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Hoshin Che Kong Sul!

It's sort of a long story, but I finally got to start learning the Blue Sash cirriculum, which began with Hoshin Che Kong Sul! :) That's Korean for Techniques for defending against Body Grabs.

It was fun!

Also, the night in class was very cool, unfortunately, it ended with a very sad note. My HRD instructor, Joel Coughlin, has decided to move back to Madison, WI. :( Monday was his last class in Los Angeles. Kyle and I found out this last weekend, so we got him a small going away gift, but it definately sucks to lose him as a teacher. I think personally for him, I'm very happy. I don't think he had a very good setup at the dojang, so I'm sure he'll be much happier as a person. He was a great teacher though, so I will miss him.

Since, Instr. Coughlin is leaving, Do Joo Nim is going to take over teaching classes. He's harsher that Instr. Coughlin was, but you really can't find a better technical teacher for HRD in the entire world... because he created it. :)

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