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Supremely Tired
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I tried X yesterday.... twice

No, not the drug, the new roller coaster at Magic Mountain. It's impossible to describe in my online journal, because it's almost impossible to describe it in person, so I'll not try.

But, I have never been so impressed and scared by a coaster.

I went to MM with Jenn, Ken and Shelley (who got us discount tickets through her company, sweet!). We had so much fun all day. We rode many coasters... Viper, X, Cyclone, Riddler's Revenge, Batman, the Bumper Cars!, Ninja and then Ken and I rode X again. It was even scarier the second time, not sure how or why! :) Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a great plan, as the lines were minimal. We walked onto most rides!

After playing all day, we went to Claim Jumper and got more food that we could POSSIBLY fit in our bodies. I ordered a chicken fried steak and after eating it for about 10 minutes, I noticed something underneath the one I was eating.... so I lifted it up... there was ANOTHER steak underneath the one I was eating! It was too much food... so we carried out enough food to eat for at least 2 days.

Just when you thought it was over, as Jenn and I are relaxing and letting the tiredness set in, we get a call from Johnny who we have apparently addicted to Setteler's of Catan. He wants to know if we are awake enough to play... :) ah, what the hell, let's not stiffle the boy's gaming desires.

So, Jenn, Jason, Johnny, and I played a little bit. Much fun had. :)

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