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The "Cherry Blossum" Festival

Just got back from the Cherry Blossum festival... it was small and lacking Cherry blossums, however, I really enjoyed the martial arts demos! Woo!

The Shorinji Kempo and Capoeria demos were awesome! I was most interested in seeing Hapkido (since it is the most similar to Hwa Rang Do), unfortunately, they were 10 minutes late to arrive, and then said they were going to start in 10 minutes after that. We had to go look at a house we may potentiall rent, so I didn't get to see any of them... bastards.

Tierzah came and watched the first few demos with us, too, which was very cool.

The verdict is still out on the house, I believe if we tell her we'll take it then we're in, no problems. However, it's a little small, and I'm worried the electrical system can't stand up to our constant computer use. :/ We're going to go looking some more right now.

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