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Under the Weather
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The Amazing Race

I enjoy watching reality TV every once in awhile, and one of the good shows, imho, is The Amazing Race. Quick description: Groups of two people are dropped off in the middle of nowhere, and have to follow clues to find their way to the end of the race.

Well, last night, the contestants were in rare form. The contestants are in Hong Kong, and the next clue says they need to get to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Well, all of the contestants immediately rush for cabs to get to the airport and stand in lines to get airplane tickets. Except for one team...

These two guys are latino and are openly gay. They are the only team that aren't constantly bickering amongst themselves, and actually seem to be having fun, while all of the other teams are completely stressed out.

So, while all the teams rush to the airport, the other team follows their usual strategy of "finding the nearest 5 star hotel, and talk to the consierge and have them recommend a travel agency." I'm watching this, thinking to myself, "You guys are idiots! Everyone else is going to leave you behind." Then it gets better... they get to a travel agent, and the agent says they need an hour to arrange everything. Now, an hour in this game can mean the difference between winning and losing, so this isn't trivial. Their response? "Well, that's perfect, because we need about an hour to go shopping!" What follows is a montage of them stopping at Starbucks and Gucci and just having a nice time at a local mall. I have to hand it to them, they are going to lose the game, but they certainly are enjoying themselves far more than anyone else.

They get back to the travel agent, who has a Black Mercedes waiting for them to drive them to the airport. They board their flight and sit in the 1st class section of the plane (the other teams flew coach) and enjoy their ride to Australia.. where they land 45 minutes BEFORE the other teams!

I don't know how they did it, be it a smaller lay over in Bangkok or what, but they managed to have a relaxing shopping spree in an upscale mall in Hong Kong and still make it to Australia in first place.

Now, that's what I'm talking about. Good things come to those who enjoy life.

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