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Go East Young Man

I sit here at work, Jenn and Jason are on their way here to pick me up and then Jason is going to drop us off at LAX, so we can catch our flight to the East Coast for our East Coast Wedding Reception! (long sentence..)

We just had an all hands meeting that wasn't good news... but in a twisted way it was good for our office. It's kind of weird, because I work in the same office, but for a different department, and my department isn't as strongly affected by changes in the company structure. Sure, my title and department name may change, but I'm always doing essentially the same work, and I'm always working for the same guy (he's just working for different people all the time). I have probably the best job security of anyone in the office, but I'm still uneasy for myself, and uneasy because I have to watch the people around me worry about their job. :(

Not the best intro to a fun weekend, but I'm looking forward to seeing people on the East Coast. Jenn's friend, Jennifer, isn't going to be able to make the reception which is a total bummer because I thought she was way cool, but ah well. Stuff happens. I'm looking forward to seeing Rick and Audrey again and of course my second mom, Marty. :)

I was looking around this morning for a book that I could read on the plane, and then I realized that I had packed them all in preparation for our impending move next weekend. *sigh* ah well. I read through a bunch of the Java Message Service ® tutorial on Sun's website, so maybe I'll actually spend some time working on that online game Jason and Johnny keep bugging me to make. :)

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