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Yes We Can

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At a Distance

We drove down to San Diego this weekend to visit two of my friends, John and Erin. We haven't seen them in awhile, because we've been getting ready for our wedding, so no weekends were free, and before that, they were getting ready for _their_ wedding. We actually planned this little outing 4 months ago, because it was the only weekend we couldn't foresee doing anything on that far in advance. And yes... we actually could pinpoint everything that would interfere each weekend up until then. :)

We had a great time at the San Diego zoo. Watching the tremendously cute Red Panda or Pygmy Marmosets. There was a jungle cat called a Cerval that reminded us totally of Artemis! There was a person in its cage playing with the cat so everyone could watch and the way the cat would attack stuffed animals and carry them around was just like artemis. :) VERY cute.

We walked around Hillcrest (their neighborhood) and had a nice Italian dinner... and I don't remember too much after that. I had a long week and it all hit me then, and I totally crashed out while the other 3 continued the festivities.

On Sunday, we had a great breakfast and went through tons of our wedding photos and their honeymoon photos. They went to Italy for 17 days! WOO!

We also went to ... THE CONTAINER STORE :)

Jenn told me about this store that existed on the East coast, but apparently they have them out here too. They are TOO cool... it's just aisle after aisle of organizational stuff and stuff to put other stuff into. It was awesome!

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