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One more chip off the Civil Liberty block

I heard and read this morning that a US Citizen was arrested a month ago because he was suspected to be involved in a conspiracy to detonate a radiation bomb in Washington D.C.

What scares me is that at the suggestion of Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, Bush signed a decision to treat this man as an "enemy combatant." This means he won't get all of the rights of a US Citizen including the right to be tried in a US Court. This man may be completely guilty of conspiring to bomb Washington D.C, but we will never know (within a reasonable doubt) because it won't be handled in our court system. It will be handled behind closed military and governmental doors.

So, we now have a precedent set for removing a US Citizen's right to a US trial during the "War on Terrorism." According to CNN, the government has said that this man was in the "discussion" stages of the bombing. So, who really knows if it's true, or if the government wanted this guy out of the way for other reasons. I certainly hope the government doesn't want me out of the way some day... if I ever get arrested, I'd certainly like my Constituional right to a fair trial.


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