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"A national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity."

One of my friends just sent me a couple of links to a new website by the Justice Department. They are forming the "Citizen Corps," average citizens who will volunteer to keep an eye out for terrorism or "suspicious" activity in their workplace.

Ya know... I'm sure the people who thought of this had a good thought in mind... but seriously, I think this country is moving towards paranoia. We have to start enlisting citizens to spy on their co-workers? Even if the reports these citizens deliver are well intended, most likely it's just going to add noise to the field of data. The authorities are already dealing with so much, we are going to be adding on a bunch of false reports on top of that... and it's only so long before people realize they can use this kind of thing to their own benefit.

See, people, if everyone was required to have played Paranoia, the role-playing game, none of this would happen. Because we'd all KNOW how dangerous it is to give a random party member the ability to label someone a commie mutant traitor.

*shakes head*


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