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Old Men (Me and Bush)

I swear, I'm only 26 but I'm an old man. If there isn't one thing wrong with me, it's another. My leg is MUCH better (yay!) but I've been carrying this dull pain headache for a day or more. I'm wondering if I've addicted myself to caffienne again.

So, the other old man, George W. Bush. I listened to NPR a lot on Sept. 12th and all they talked about was his speech to the UN about Iraq. They talked about how happy they were that he didn't talk about attacking Iraq etc and that he really backed off.

It makes me wonder if I'm the only one paying attention.

First, let me say I don't know if it's a good idea to attack Iraq or not, but as a member of the UN, we _have_ to get their approval to attack another country (in my opinion), otherwise we break the entire meaning of the UN.

Bush's speech basically said, "The UN keeps telling Iraq they have to do things, and Iraq keeps ignoring us. If we let them do that, then we become irrelevant." In my loud-mouthed opinion, it's basically just a way of starting the fight. They know that Iraq is going to ignore whatever resolutions or sanctions the UN imposes, they are in fact counting on it.

The US is saying, "We should definately go through the UN to impose a resolution," knowing that it will fail so that the US can be right there saying, "You have to let us attack so that we can defend the honor of the UN."

Again, I really don't know if attacking Iraq is the best thing, but I certainly think that Bush's advisors have put together the best plan for what they want to get, which is a fight.

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