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Well Rested
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A night off..

Working on JournalScape is a lot of fun, but last night I took a night off. When I got home after HRD class, I was pretty beat, so I made some Miso soup for Jenn and I and just relaxed on the couch.

I had a pretty bad headache that turned out to be caused by a misalignment of my spine. About half way through the night, one of our cats woke me up and I decided in a poor sleep induced haze to try to pop my back. Perhaps subconsciously I knew what was wrong and in that half and half mental state my subconscious was in control enough to help.

As soon as the lovely sounds of my back popping back into place (in about 5 or 6 places) my headache instantly went away. *sigh* ahhhhhhhhhhh. :)

The rest of the night brought wonderful sleep. Just what I really needed. :)

On a bonzer HRD note, DJN's two daughters have decided to start studying again. They got their black sashes 6 years ago, but stopped training. This is really cool for a couple of reasons, 1) there are very few women in HRD, which is a bummer. It's unfortunately translated "The Way of the Flowering Manhood," so I can see that it would turn women away. 2) Even after 6 years, these women can kick! Excellent! I've really been hoping for a good example to follow and it looks like it has arrived. :)

P.S. Not really sure why I used the word "bonzer" it just kind of happened.

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